Planniversary 2019: Celebrating the Tampa Bay Planners

Planniversary 2019: Celebrating the Tampa Bay Planners

September 14, 2019
New Tampa Regional Library

Oh what a day!  The excitement of this day did not let the admins sleep the night before.  We checked and double checked that we had our lists, our items and that we were going to be there to set up, even before the library opened…and so we did! Banners from this and previous meetups adorned the walls, tables were decorated with narwhal cutouts and colorful bags for swap time, giveaway gifts were spread on mermaid scale covered tables, and the food…we thought we wouldn’t have enough food, but there was an outpouring of help and no planner went hungry!

Doors, for the free yet sold out event, opened at 10:30am, and faces of people who are now friends, started streaming in.  Everybody got a lanyard with their name tag, and started settling in to their seats. We started off the day with a welcome message and giveaways, mingled and shared stories with new and old planner friends, we sang along with some Disney music, enjoyed swapping gifts with other planners, had a super fun “What’s In Your Planner Bag” game, and gave away a Perfect Attendance award!  Our planner stack and our group picture was a very special one when we compare the 18 people who attended our first meetup at the library on September 2018 and the 40+ people that attended our 1 year planiversary!

I want to thank the admin team, Sabrina, Nicholle and Stephanie, for all the work and effort that they put into making this event a reality.  We didn’t want to have sponsors, and we didn’t want to charge a fee for this first planniversary. We wanted it to be a gift from us to you…and I think we achieved it!  We want to thank every single person (you know who you are) who felt in their heart that they wanted to bring in food, gifts to giveaway, activities to share and swaps to exchange.  It’s because of you that this group has turned into more than a community, it feels like family.

Now we know that this group is sustainable and we can continue growing.  We are excited for the plans to come for the second year. We have determined it to be the “Year of The Narwhal”! Our narwhal mascot will be adorned in every theme that we choose…that’s going to be a funny thing to accomplish, but we will try or best!

With a grateful heart for this wonderful first year,


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