Come to the Darkside…
May 2019

Come to the Darkside…

I would have to say, out of all of our meetups soo far, this one is my favorite! Our meetup date fell on May 4th, and we couldn’t let our group not have the theme be Star Wars! The weekend came with the unfortunate news of Peter Mayhew’s (Chewbacca) passing, but we will celebrate the things that he brought us which are awesome films that have a character we will never forget!

We had some awesome giveaways this month accompanied by some announcements! We announced our decision to have a mascot to represent the group and the votes all came to…a narwhal! Come on! Who doesn’t absolutely love a narwhal as a mascot? They are adorable and they are the reason the unicorn folklore came to existence you know? Soo why not have the “original” unicorn be our mascot?

Also, at the end of our meetup we made the announcement for the winner of our #WanderingPlanners ticket for their May Planner Play Date! We can’t wait to be able to meet her face to face and have her join our planner !
We have numerous amount of things heading our way! For everyone that has asked about having a line of merchandise available to buy, we are listening! We are working on things so that we can make things happen for everyone who loves us!
Let’s stay connected, keep your eyes open for fb, ig and website announcements! Good things are coming!

Until next Month!

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