No Leprechauns Here!!

Is green your color? Yeah, its not really my color either, however, what am I supposed to wear at a MeetUp that has a St. Patrick’s Day theme?? If anyone knows any of us admins in this group, you very well know we don’t just dress a little bit…we go all out! And I myself went shopping just so I would represent the theme of the MeetUp the best that I could! I cant get over how much fun I had at this month’s meetup! Our make and take was a hit! We put together DIY planner bookmarks! And of course we stuck to our theme and they were white and green. We had some awesome goodies donated by a friend of one of our admins that put them together from Nutrition smart and it was sooo sweet! We always love seeing regular faces at our meetups as well as new faces! And we always have an absolutely awesome time with everyone! This group is a community of people that all share one common passion and no matter what, that passion is a connection to one another and regardless of how many times you may come and go from our meetups after you walk out that door at the end of one, you will always be coming back to family.

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