Loving where this is headed!

February meet up was seriously…wait for it…..LEGENDARY!
We welcomed sooo many newbies from near and far! One lady drove 2 hours just to spend the day with us, and I thought that was absolutely amazing! There’s nothing that can ever replace the overwhelming feeling of being part of something where you feel completely welcome and included from the very beginning! That was the feeling experienced by every person who attended!
We had soooo many wonderful women attend. It was our biggest meet up yet! We have now established a way for every person to register for our meetups regardless of whether you are on Facebook or Instagram or even if you are not on any social media platform. #tampabayplanners has officially created this website in order to unify everyone in one common place. This allows us to better “plan” our #plannermeetups so that we are well prepared for the numbers, as well as the diversity. I can’t start to express to you the love that we feel when sooo many women from sooo many backgrounds come together to share a common passion. It’s a #priceless feeling… just like those credit card commercials (you know which ones I’m talking about, i’m sure of it!)

This meet up brought us absolute joy! We had 20+ attendees, and the funniest part of it was that we were relocated to a smaller room this month! Hey! the way I see it, it was the best thing that could have happened! It encouraged even the shyest of people, and all the introverts, to reach out and meet someone new! It was a wonderful experience to greet and meet everyone who came!

#plannerfriendsmakethebestfriends , and this was just the beginning of this wonderful journey that we will be taking with you ladies, for years to come!
Our make and take for this month was a bookmark shaker. If anyone was at the table when I was making mine, I am sure you saw #whatnottodo at its finest, which was shaking that bookmark before you were certain that the edges were fully sealed! LOL but hey!… it made for a very “blinged out” floor for the rest of the morning!
Our destash table had never seen sooo many visitors before! I can honestly tell you it was the best thing that happened, we definitely felt a lot of love that day!

As we move ahead with future meetups, I’m sure I speak for all of our admins in saying, we were beyond elated to have all of you attend this day, and hopefully you will attend all future meetups to come. We hope not only to create everlasting bonds and friendships, but to connect on a level where we can call ourselves a #plannerfamily.

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